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Charting America’s Course as a Free and Independent Nation
Why should conservatives or libertarians vote for you instead of one of the other candidates?

I would tell both the same thing. If you think government should be limited choose me. If you think we should have unlimited government any of the others will do. If you value life choose me, but if you don’t any of the others will do. If you favor constant foreign intervention any of the others will do but if you do not, choose me. If you want to be free to control your children’s education choose me, if you want the government to control it any of the others will do. If you want to keep all your income choose me but if you want to give large portions of it to the government any of the others will do.

What is your tax policy?

I have proposed a taxing system whereby taxes would be apportioned to the states as the census dictates. If my state of Tennessee had two percent of the nation’s population, for example, it would be liable for two percent of the budget. It would be incumbent upon the representatives from Tennessee to help hold down Federal spending. The Federal Government would be encouraged to spend less not more. The states would be empowered and Washington would be dis-empowered. Washington’s hold over the states would be broken and the states would be sovereign again – Washington would have to ask the states for money. States would be free to collect their revenue as they see fit. Alaska might tax its natural resources and Florida might tax tourism. In Nevada, it would obviously be gambling. Since people could keep their income the economy would explode with growth.

How would you deal with the problem of illegal immigration and those already here illegally?

I believe that immigration in all its forms should be stopped until we can vet immigrants properly and our borders are under control. We can’t be allowing people with terrorist ties, or who are carrying dangerous communicable diseases, to enter our country unchecked. But once we have regained control of our borders and the flow of immigrants, we can admit as many as we choose, in a controlled and lawful manner.

I do not favor asylum for those here illegally nor do I favor a path to citizenship. Welfare or entitlement programs, if you choose to call them that, should be strictly for American citizens. I have said that I would nor deport wholesale but I would not hesitate individually if the need arose.

How do you feel about taking in refugees?

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What is your policy on education and the federal government's role?

Education is a big problem. If I were president, the Federal Government would not be using the education system to corrupt our children. I want education to be local.

Every year we spend more money, and every year our kids seem to get dumber. Third World countries are beating us in math and science education, and it just gets worse and worse. We aren’t going to be able to change much if we don’t change how we educate our children.


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What steps would you take as president to solve America’s economic woes?

I’d institute lower taxes, lower regulations on employment, and reductions in government spending. I’m also calling for an end to the Federal Reserve and a return to currency backed by gold.

What is your position on the War on Terrorism?

I don’t like war in general, having experienced it firsthand when I served in the military. There’s nothing glorious about war. It’s hard to fight a war on terrorism if your borders are wide open. We need to secure our borders before we talk about going after the terrorists overseas.

I don’t see why it’s any of our business who runs Syria. If there were no war in Syria, there’d be no Muslim refugees from Syria. Of course, as president I’d have to talk to all 16 directors of the various intelligence agencies to fully understand the threats, and make policy decisions accordingly. But in general, I favor the policy of nonintervention in foreign affairs, just as the Founders did.

Why, in your view, has America turned away from constitutional, limited government?

Who wants to have limits set on what you can do if you can be emperor of the world? Power corrupts. The Founders knew that. It’s human nature to want more and more power, which the Founders understood very well. The people of the United States have permitted their government to exercise almost absolute power, and that’s a mistake. The system the Founders gave us is not self-policing; the people have to do that, through their representatives. And we seem to have pretty much forgotten that.

What is your position on so-called same sex marriage?

Well, I’m a Christian, so I’m opposed to it. I don’t think it exists, because it violates God’s law. But as president, I don’t think it’s any of government’s business. I want to see the government out of the marriage business altogether.

How do you feel about gender neutral bathrooms?

How do you feel about gender neutral bathrooms? Well, that’s an easy one folks. I’m very much opposed to it. I’m opposed to it for reasons of dignity, of privacy, and common sense. A group of people have decided that it’s discriminatory for us to have separate bathrooms like we’ve had for millennia I guess. I’m very much opposed to it. It violates every sense of privacy and decency and I don’t think we should give in to it.

You have been quoted as saying the U.S. will have a much lower standard of living 25 years from now. Why?

How could a nation with almost 20 trillion dollars of current debt not have a lower standard of living in 25 years? The debt is growing daily and within 25 years will have interest payments that’ll eat most or all of the budget. That’s just the on-budget debt and it doesn’t include the more that 100 trillion dollars in mandates like Social Security, Medicare, etc. This debt is un-payable and dealing with it is going to reduce our standard of living, so no one will deal with it until it is much worse.

If that were all, it would be plenty but it gets worse – changing demographics indicate a rapidly aging population with fewer and fewer young workers to support them. We have aborted too many and indebted too many with instant payday loans and similar and that will have to be atoned for.

One more thing: foreign entanglements will continue to require higher and higher defense expenditures so the situation will get worse at least that’s the way I see it.

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