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Charting America’s Course as a Free and Independent Nation

Darrell Castle on the “Pat & Stu” show on Blaze TV

Darrell Castle was a guest on the August 9 edition of the Pat & Stu show on Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV. As always, Darrell showed himself to be the statesman that America needs and which the electoral process is sorely missing. You can listen to the interview... read more

Darrell Castle Appears on “The Stream”

Darrell Castle was one of the featured guests on The Stream, on August 2nd, discussing the third-party dilemma. The prospect of Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump in the White House has some US voters expressing frustration with having to pick between... read more

Why I Am Running for President of the United States  Hello this is Darrell castle with today’s podcast. Today is Wednesday, July 20, 2016, and on today’s podcast I am going to answer a... read more

Campaign Update: 1 July 2016

THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL:  Colorado and Wyoming Sunday’s Schedule 10:00 am – attending church service at Fourway Baptist Church in Fort Lupton. 3:00 pm – speech at Destiny Christian Center in Greeley.  Event is open to the public. 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm... read more

Daily News Update: 23 June 2016

THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Preparing for this weekend’s events at the Annual Meeting of the Constitution Party of Tennessee.   On Friday evening – The Constitution Party of Tennessee is offering a unique opportunity to meet and discuss national and international... read more

Daily News Update: 22 June 2016

THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Interview with Phillip Herot ON THE AIR: American Statesman Blog Talk Radio:  Tough Talk with Darrell Castle   IN THE NEWS: American Third Party Report:  Darrell Castle – The Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution Tea Party Command... read more

Orlando Terrorist Attack

Darrell Castle addresses the June 12, 2016 terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.   Hello, I am Darrell Castle, and I have a statement to make about the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando Florida – the second such attack in recent months and the... read more

Special Message from the Castle 2016 Campaign

Dear Friends of Liberty, We are entering into critical weeks of our Ballot Access push and we’d like to introduce you to a new concept and tell you how you can play an active role in this year’s extraordinary presidential election. The extraordinary can happen, and... read more

Georgia Right-to-Life Endorses Darrell Castle for President

Georgia Right-to-Life (GRTL) has endorsed Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee for President of the United States. GRTL PAC Director Gen Wilson stated in her letter to Mr. Castle, “On behalf of the Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee (GRTL... read more

Memorial Day 2016

  When I was growing up in East Tennessee, we called Memorial Day “Decoration Day.” The women in my family made flowers out of crepe paper, and we’d all take them to the graves of family members to honor them. Now it’s a day set aside to... read more

Huffington Post Interview with Darrell Castle

Trump, Hillary Haters Take a Hard Look at the Constitution Party by Judy Frankel Founder and CEO, I think that if the country could elect someone like me, the rule of law might possibly be restored. The rule of law is in serious jeopardy. I don’t... read more