Charting America’s Course as a Free and Independent Nation

Darrell Castle has been addressing political issues and current events on The Castle Report since 2011. Many of the issues listed here are from Castle Report episodes and include both audio and transcript versions. You can view a complete listing of Castle Report episodes by topic here

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Destruction of Western Civilization: The President’s Gun Speech


obama-gun-control-460x259-e1452288010696Hello! This is Darrell Castle. Today, I will begin a discussion of Western civilization, how its destruction happened, and what that means for us in today’s world. As a backdrop for what has happened to the rule of law in America, I will use the President’s recent speech that he made on guns. read more…

State Banks

Bank200pPart of the solution to America’s Economic Problems?

Virtually every problem that we face in America can be traced back to our current monetary system, set up in 1913 with the passage of the 16th Amendment and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. It has been over 100 years of chaos, war, depression, recession, and boom/bust economics. read more…